Service Center

Service Center
Service Center

Beamco's integrated Service Center in Lagos was completed in 2012. With a top of the line machine shop, a 12-Ton overhead crane, and a far-ranging list of equipment and tools, the Service Center was ready to carry out maintenance jobs, on a wide range of rotating equipment.

This addition to our extensive list of capabilities and services was welcomed by our clients and overseas partners alike. It helped in closing the loop on the range of in-country services that Beamco Nigeria Limited was committed to provide.

The Integrated Service Center is manned by a highly skilled team of engineers and technicians, with wide ranging experience on rotating equipment. It is well positioned to provide inspection, repairs, and upgrades on rotating equipment.

This facility has been inspected and certified by several original equipment manufacturers, and guarantees that work is done to the highest industry standards and to the satisfaction of all our partners.

Services Provided

1. Overhauls

We carry out overhaul of all your pumps, centrifugal compressors, screw compressors, reciprocating compressors, blowers, and fans. Our workshop staff has a long and diverse experience that enables us to satisfy virtually all your needs. Dismantling, Cleaning, & Inspection (DCI) is done to the highest standards in the industry and the outcome is discussed with our customers, based on which the final repair will be carried out. When required, NDE and pressure testing of the equipment is carried out after repair.

2. Refurbishing and Upgrades

From complete overhaul to upgrade solutions, Beamco engineers ensure that the equipment is restored or upgraded to OEM original specifications and, or recommendations.

Upgraded solutions offer end users a chance to incorporate the latest technology or software on the equipment to improve performance and increase reliability.

3. Mechanical Seal Reconditioning

Beamco performs mechanical seal reconditioning to manufacturer's standards. Seal Face Lapping up to 300 mm diameter, Flatness Tester with Optical Flats, and Seal Test procedures guarantee your Mechanical Seals after repair.

4. Balancing

Beamco offers dynamic and static balancing of rotors per ISO1940-1, meeting the maximum permissible specific residual unbalance of the rotor at maximum operating speed. Balancing rotors up to 1500 KG, 3000 mm length, and 1500 mm maximum diameter.

5. Laboratory Services

Our in-house specialized laboratory, managed by OEM certified engineers and scientists, is equipped with the latest state of the art equipment. The services covered include general fluid analysis including, but not limited to, viscosity test, contaminants/cleanliness test, varnish potential test, bubble point test, conductivity test, total dissolved solids (TDS), total suspended solids (TSS), silt density index (SDI), Karl Fischer titration, Acid and base number/level, oil filter analysis, root cause analysis, etc.

6. Valve Assembly and Repair

Our valve assembly and repair center is fully equipped for testing calibration of isolation and safety valves. With our state of the art equipment and OEM trained service engineers we have the capability to perform seat, shell, pop, back pressure, body and bellow tests according to the latest API standards. We also have the capabilities for packaging control valves, assembling and calibrating actuators and positioners according to OEM procedures and best practices